Monday, April 26, 2010

Recycling Can Fix

A couple of months ago my neighbor was upset that the recycling truck slammed her trash can down and broke the plastic hinges that held the wheels in place.  This is quite a problem for people.  The cans sit in the sun and then get slammed around by the recycling trucks and always end up breaking.  They get replaced for 60-100 bucks a pop depending on the size.  My neighbor said she was upset that she was going to have to pay 60 bucks for a new one.
For Neighbor Day (which is around my birthday this year) I decided to take care of it for her.  With a few hose clamps, screws and some plywood, I fashioned a fix for her.  From the photo you can see that the wheels where originally held on by the plastic and you can see how those are broken.  So far, this is held pretty well and no complaints from the city! She offered to pay me for the time but I said no big deal and let it go.
It's not a very impressive project but yet, it shows you how you can fix things rather than get new ones!

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  1. If this is a common problem.. perhaps you should fashion a repair kit and sell them on ebay.