Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Possible Solution to capture the oil from the BP Leak

This solution modifies the existing LMRP Cap.  I've tried to reconstruct it here in the 3D model.  The first image is of the model off the BP site.  The original LMRP Cap would remove the sealing grommet and install a slightly tapered pipe that would expand the existing riser pipe as its pressed in.

One of the issues coming off the riser is that the existing pipe was clipped rather than nicely sawed.
By inserting a slightly tapered pipe end into it you could basically expand the existing steel (assuming you can place enough pressure on it through weight etc.) and insert it into the tube.  This would create a metal to metal seal.  You would have a ball valve on top of the tube you're inserting that would be open and then you close it slowly or begin taking in oil.
Here's some sketches.

This would wedge the proposed tube into the riser. If your angle of attack is shallow, then it would be a longer tube ensuring a better seal.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Making of Star Wars, Revenge of the Kids

This is my latest Photoshop project.  It's a photo of my daughter in a battle shooting down Tie Fighters.  The wind caught her hair at just the right moment.  The caption reads, "Star Wars Revenge of the Kids".

The original image was taken of my daughter as she's looking through a spy glass at Sea Port Village in San Diego California. The other images are from a WWII photo of a fighter getting shot down, an image of a Tie fighter and the Rebel Alliance logo.  The Star Wars title is lifted off a PNG I found off the web and the text for Revenge of the Kids uses a Trajan font.
The lasers pulses are Photoshopped using the standard air brush and a green glow.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Painting of Chris Bot!

So my wife Runi helped me paint Chris Bot this evening.  She has a background in theater and was able to create a nice textured look like old metal on him.
Once the light is adjusted you can see his true color.  In the photo above he contemplates taking a photo of the flower.
Here's the link to the short Youtube Video.

You may have to see it a few times to get the hang of whats happening.