Thursday, March 17, 2011

I made this snow sculpture about a week before the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan but hadn't posted any pictures of it yet. (We wish the people of Japan the best as they face several catastrophes.)

 It's a sculpture of a Valkyrie VF-1S R.Focker Custom Snow Sculpture from the Robotech Macross Saga, a cartoon I watched as a kid.  Maia is standing in front of it for scale.  It's painted with non-toxic finger paint and I shot it in the morning as the sun came up over the horizon.  There are no build instructions for it but I ended up using a broom stick in the torso after the thing fell over twice while I was in the middle of making it.  There is a stick for the gun since it hangs over so much.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  Now it's back to getting Chris-bot and the animation project going again!

This is the non painted version.  I personally like the painted version because the colors really add to the shading of the thing.

Sometimes, it's not cool to mess with a robot.  Don't worry about Maia.  She was outside for 2 minutes and it was nice and warm in the sun.

She just didn't listen when I told her not to play with the robot.
This will probably be my last snow sculpture as the snow is starting to get crispy and not very usable.  I may give it one last shot this weekend, maybe a snow speeder in the woods, or possibly an Imperial tie fighter.
We'll see.

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