Sunday, September 9, 2012

LEGO Pancake Bot @ New York World Maker Faire

Woo hoo! I'm really excited to announce that the Pancake Bot will be making its debut at the World Maker Faire in NYC!  Woo Hoo!

The cool thing was, I was interviewed by Goli Mohammadi of Make Magazine!  How cool is that?
Here's a link to the interview.

So what is up the Pancake Bot these days?  Here's the scoop, or I guess you can say the flip.

The Pancake Bot took a break as we've been really busy with moving into our new house, starting a new job and well, enjoying the summer in Norway.  I learned that Norwegians have a tendency to stop whatever they are doing when the sun comes out!  Well, sort of.  At least for summer.

I've also been helping out at the DevotekBank1 Lab at the Konbsgerg public library.  They got a new 3D printer and CNC machine that I'm anxious to start helping out with and they've agreed to open up the lab after hours for a Maker Space!  More details on that to come later!  The most exciting thing is, the staff Hilde and Bjørn are coming out to New York for the faire and helping out with the exhibit.

So after a summer of fishing, making, building, inventing, destroying and finishing our rental unit #1 at your house, I finally got around to updating the Pancake Bot to make it a bit easier to control.

Still sporting only one LEGO NXT unit and a bunch of pneumatics, the new Pancake Bot now has a dual pump/vacuum capability.  This allows better batter control.  It also integrates the NXT controller into the gantry and uses a centralized NXT motor connected to two long axles and a drive on both sides of the gantry so that gear slipping is reduced to a minimum.
Notice how the motor shaft in the center now drives gears on both sides of the unit.  There's also some additional touch sensors to calibrate the location of the pancake bot.

The Batter dispenser unit now incorporates a pressure gauge, a vacuum and extra compression tanks.

Something about the camera really gets the kids to act funny.  

We'll also be posting up the video of Pancake Bot 2.0 and let's see what shapes I can come up with!

Cheers for now and remember to follow me on twitter @migpics for some cool announcements coming soon.

Anyhow, check us out at the World Maker Faire in NYC on September 29th and 30th.

I'll do my best to make you some good tasting pancakes!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Makerbot visit!

On my way back to Norway from San Diego I had a 27 hour lay over (planned on purpose) in New York City.  While there I took advantage of the time and jetted on over to Brooklyn where I was able to meet Greg Shutack and Bre Pettis from MakerBot Industries.
It was rather a fluke actually because I got this stupid idea to jet on over to Brooklyn from Hoboken New Jersey and meet someone from the MakerBot there.  While trying to find the building I bumbed into this guy on the street with three spindles of ABS plastic and asked him if he could help me with meeting someone there.  it was Greg Shutack the Executive Administrator for MakerBot Industries and he gave me a quick tour of the operations.
While there I was able to meet Bre Pettis and I embarrassingly flagged him down and said hi and told him about my Pancake Bot.
Here is a photo of me and Bre.
 Wow, either I'm really short or he's really tall.
Behind us are loads of Makerbots printing lots of things getting ready for the Maker Faire in San Mateo California.

What is so cool about this is the fact that these guys took a few minutes out of their busy time to say hi and had no problem encouraging me about my projects and chatting for a second.

Thanks Maker Bot Industries!