Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Well folks.  It has been a long two months preparing for Halloween.   I wanted to continue with a some info on how we completed the costume and show you the results below.

The body was one of the more difficult part of the costumes as it needed to incorporate fleece, spandex and foam along with a tail.
We started off with the tail by sewing together pieces of fleece and stuffing it with foam.
Pieces of foam were cut into the fins and the tail fin was made up of plastic rods and fabric with a painted logo on it.

The fins were painted black and a leather strap was added for the control surface.
The forearms of the character were thick and were made by gluing two pieces of foam together along the edges.  A hole at the end allowed my daughter to put her hands through them so she could hold candy etc.
The forearms were then inserted into the spandex body and glued with hot glue.  Foam fingers were glued on to the tips and texture was painted on to the surface to emulate scales.

The feet were made out of pieces of foam glued together and were also inserted into the calves of the suit, covered with spandex, and then texturized with paint.  Foam claws were added at the base.  The feet fit around my daughters snow boots.
Blue LED's were soldered in parallel to a strip of fabric and velcro was attached to the body suit so they strip would stick.  LED's were also added to the nose and mouth to make it glow.

Here is the result of the final dragon suit.  

The turtle suit took less time but this was because my wife is a sewing genius.

Here Mama and maia are hard at work prepping the turtle suit.

Leather flippers added!
She opted to have a batman logo on her face rather than a painted face.  The turtle shell had LED's on it too for visibility but it's hard to see here.
And finally, the girls trick or treating!

Well, thanks again for reading!