Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Card in the Making

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or at least going to have one as of this posting).
This years Christmas card took us on a wild adventure into the skies as the girls hijacked Santa's Sleigh in an effort to get their presents first.  It was a wild ride all captured from an aerial drone a few thousand feet in the air.  Thankfully, Santa Claus was able to hitch a ride back on Rudolph and recover his sleigh after discussing the dangers of sleigh robbing with the girls.  They were apologetic and just overwhelmed with excitement.
So here's how we did it this year!

First, as usual, I started off with a real bad sketch on a yellow sticky pad.  Unfortunately, my sketching abilities have not improved much.
The idea was to be able to get the whole family in on the gag, pretty much, girls taking over the sleigh and us hanging on for dear life.  It all seemed pretty simple except where were we going to find a sleigh?
Although living in Norway, you would think that there are lots of sleighs just lying around, well, unfortunately, I couldn't find that sleigh I was looking for.  So, I decided to build one.
A smaller scale of course.
Started off with a sketch...

Bottom and front of the sleigh with grooves cut into the front to allow for bending.

A little bandsaw action.

Soak the bottom in water to warp the wood.

Some pieces of aluminum sculpting rod for the rails.

Hand made custom foam cushions and a quick paint job.

Once the sleigh was made, I mounted it on a tube that was cut at an angle that I wanted to photograph the sleigh in.
Miniature sleigh with miniature sack of presents.

Now the trick was to get the girls involved.  With a limited attention span, this can be difficult.  Both the girls were photographed separately on a propped up couch, with a fan blowing their hair back.
A string to pull back the hat.

A bel and and the perfect expression captured at just the right time.
Once all the images were compiled, I found a couple more images from the web of a city background, a falling santa, presents and some 3D rendered reindeer.  

To add suspense to the card, we added the following front to it.

A little bit of photoshop magic and some titles, and we were on our way.

So our apologies if your presents were late this year.  We are doing our best to better teach the girls about hijacking sleighs and such so we hope it won't happen again next year.

Thanks to the photographers who put out their images to use.

Till then, Happy Holidays!